Friday, 14 October 2016

My Holiday

 My Holiday
On the holidays I went to Auckland  to celebrate my cousin's birthday.She was turning one. We celebrated her birthday  at McDonald's. She had lots of presents and lots of family there.

We played tiggy on the park.It was fun.  Lots of kids in the family joined in. We were all running around crazy on the playground like cockroaches. “You’re in” I said running away laughing. “hahaha”.

Then we went inside to have a meal. It was yummy!  We had a cheeseburger each. My one was dripping cheese. I took a big chunk into it and It exploded in my mouth with deliciousness.  
Finally we went home and watched movies and played hide and go seek.

I had fun because i got to spend time with my little cousin Porshe.

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